Jayjun Cosmetic, 3 Step Hydrating Mask

SKU: 415121-00013-084-001
An Intensive 3-Step Mask To Help Target Dullness And Uneven Texture
Blooming Essence
Intensive Shining Mask
Hydro Eye Cream
Cupra Fabric Sheet Is Highly Flexible
Designed To Perfectly Fit
Adhere To The Contours Of Your Face.
Cupra Fabric Sheet Easily Absorbs And Holds Essence
For A Long Period Of Time
Allowing Intensive Delivery Of Moisture
Nutrition Into The Skin.
Cupra Is Softer Than Cotton So When Applied To The Face
It Feels Comforting
Adheres Perfectly To The Skin

Key Ingredients:
White 9-Complex: To Brighten The Skin
Bio-Polymer: To Restore Moisture Levels In The Skin
Lavender Extract: To Nourish And Calm The Skin

Best For:
Dull, Dry And Uneven Texture.

Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free