Steambase, Daily Eyemask, Rose Garden

SKU: 415121-00031-075-001
Thermal Spring Water
A Special Time For Your Exhausted Eyes From Busy Daily Life. Aroma Therapy Along With A 20 Minutes Steam Thermal Massage. Six Kinds Of Soft Aromas For A More Comfortable Relaxation.

How To Use:
Use Right After Opening.
Take Out The Eye Mask From The Pouch.
Cut The Eat-Part Attached In The Back Through A Cutting Line.
Place The Eye Mask With The White Side Facing Your Eyes.
Put The Eye Mask On And Relax With Your Eyes Closed. (20 Minutes)

Other Ingredients:
Outer-Sheet: Non-Woven Fabric; Heat Cell: Iron Patch, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Thermal Spring Water.